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What is XCaptcha?

XCaptcha is an extendable and simple to use framework for creating CAPTCHA images:

For a working example please see:

Version 2

Updated to .Net 4
Refresh button added
Stateless - no longer requires Session or TempData to maintain state.
Model-based validation

*Documentation coming soon. For now, please see sample project.

Version 1 setup

The 'X' in XCaptcha is for extendable. It has been designed using a Plug-in model so you can easily change the appearance and functionality by adding your own custom implementations.

How to use

In the View:

In the Controller:

How to Customise

Creating a custom canvas
The canvas is the background area behind the text. It also controls the width and height.
Here’s how to create the above custom canvas:

Customising the text

Customising the distort
The distort controls the amount of distortion applied to the text:

Customising the noise
Noise is added to make the text more difficult to read.

Then just add your custom classes to the constructor

Other Customisations
  • Change number of characters in the random text
  • Add your own text
  • Turn off noise
  • Add your own random text generator

Please Contribute
If you’ve created a pretty good CAPTCHA, please share it with others by clicking on Source Code > Upload Patch. Thanks

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